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Enjoying Battomi

How Do I Make and Drink Battomi?

It's simple. Start with several cases of beer (or your other favorite beverage), several coolers (try the rolling kind--they're fabulous--Ethan uses only rolling coolers, and is currently negotiating an exclusive worldwide endorsement contract with a major rolling cooler manufacturer), bag upon bag of ice, a garden hose, a portable personal Battomi™ bucket (See Battomi™ Products), a lawn chair and a bottle opener (Ethan endorses Homer Simpson™ talking beer bottle openers). Place your beer in the coolers (and a few to start with in your Battomi™ bucket within easy reach, and settle in to enjoy Beer (and other beverages) As God intended Them To Be™.

Don't be surprised if you drink your beer (and other beverages) faster and longer than you ever dreamed possible. On a historic day in 2001, on the second day of the second annual BattomiFest™, Ethan drank Battomi from The Original Battomi Bucket™ for an uninterrupted 16 hours, a record that may never be broken but which deserves the attempt every time a Battomi lover settles into his or her chair with his or her Battomi™ bucket at his or her side.