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Science Behind Battomi

The Legend of Ethan

In 2000, Ethan discovered that beer tastes its best precisely at the temperature of melting ice. After pondering this magnificent truism over a few refrigerated beers and a few beers from his ice filled rolling cooler that's never far from his side, Ethan made his magnificent discovery while taking a major beer-leak in one of those urinals filled with ice at the bottom (now known as the Pee Heard Round the World™). Ethan ran from the bathroom, made his first Slurry of Ice and Water™, Battomi was created and the world of beer (and other beverage) drinking was changed forever.

The Battomi™ Urinal: The urinal at which Ethan stood and first conceived of that Slurry™ method of making Battomi now stands in the Battomi™ Hall of Fame at Battomi's headquarters in Bob's back yard in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, site of BattomiFest™, which has been held annually since the summer of 2000 for 11 days beginning the last Thursday in June.


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