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Science Behind Battomi

How was Battomi invented?

Battomi was invented in the year 2000, when at the dawn of the new century our founder, Ethan, made one of the most profound discoveries in the history of beer drinking: Beer tastes its best precisely at the temperature of melting ice. Beyond that, the legend of Ethan's discovery of Battomi is shrouded in mystery. We may assume, however, that some beer was involved. Perhaps you can unlock the mystery by looking very closely on our site.

The Science behind Battomi

Had the idea behind Battomi come to an ordinary beer drinker, it may have faded into oblivion after that 12 pack Ethan first experimented on. But Ethan's no ordinary beer drinker. A tax lawyer and oil and gas magnate who scored a perfect 800 on his Chemistry Achievement Test in 1971, Ethan combined his love of beer, his vast and dangerously twisted intelligence, the power of beer to expand his mind and his astute sense of the world around him to quickly turn his momentous thought into a set of working products. In fact, Ethan worked so quickly that he was enjoying the first Battomi moments after he made his world famous discovery.

The Science behind Battomi is, like most world-changing discoveries, built on a simple concept. Refrigeration vastly improved the taste of beer (and other beverages), but it's hard to set a refrigerator precisely at the temperature of melting ice, and it's even harder to carry one around while drinking. Iced coolers, one of the marvels of the modern world (especially the rolling kind, Ethan's favorite), allow hot air to be trapped between the ice cubes. According to Ethan's calculations, an astounding 19.367364% of the volume a cooler full of ice consists of hot air (and Ethan knows a lot about hot air, too).

Ethan's momentous observation, which is as true today as it was when he made it, and will remain true for all time, was that the only way to keep beer (and other beverages) at the temperature of melting ice was to immerse it in melting ice at all times! So Ethan grabbed his garden hose and commenced to pour cool, refreshing water into his rolling cooler, making the first Slurry of Ice and Water™ that's the foundation of Battomi, Battomi™ Products and Services, and the Beverage Division of Battomi Oil & Beverage Company, LLC.

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